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Impacto Solutions

Impacto has a line-up of experienced professionals who work in the development and CSR space and have evolved and implemented hands on projects with the involvement of stakeholders by making use of SMART (Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic and Time-Bound) strategies.

Impacto Solutions

Impacto CSR Services

We offer the following specialized services in CSR :-

  • Conceptualising CSR strategy and defining CSR philosophy and objectives
    Most organisations who have previously not made use of CSR find that the first step is the most difficult. It is important to understand our own brand value to bring a strong CSR strategy to the table. A strong philosophy goes a long way in defining long term interventions, impact and increase in brand value of the organisation.
  • Defining vision, mission and funding strategy
    Once the core philosophy and policy is defined it is important that the organisation has a roadmap of what it is going to do, which shall be defined by the vision and mission of the CSR policy. This roadmap of impact will also allow the organisation to develop its funding strategy.
  • Mapping community needs to organisation resources and interest.
  • Due Diligence and Partner Selection for CSR Projects
    A trusted partner with direct access to beneficiaries is one of the most important components of a successful CSR program. At Impacto, we develop highly impactful CSR plans with the client organisations ensuring their and community buy-in all the way. We also facilitate them to select the most appropriate and best partner for their projects. We are further open to training these partners keeping in view the philosophy and purpose of the client organisations.
  • CSR Reporting & Communications
    We assist organisations in reaching out to the relevant stakeholders through CSR reports, Annual reports, Sustainability reports, Website reporting and Newsletters.
  • CSR Training
    We provide CSR and Sustainability training programs and offer long-term support/ hand-holding for senior and middle management levels to enable them to implement the policy, deliver the road-map and effectively use sustainability management tools of their organisations.
  • Designing Employee Engagement Programs
    Employee engagement is one dimension of CSR that has seen a huge lift-up in the last few years. Organisations have begun to realise that one of the key ways to firmly entrench its values and build employee loyalty is to provide them with experiences that go beyond their regular deliverables and job descriptions. We also facilitate in developing employee engagement strategies and programs around their CSR implementation work which helps in establishing the work the organisation is doing.